Kerry-Dem.Party: Undemocratic

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Many have argued that a vote for Kerry is a vote for the lesser of two evils. Until this week, there has been little objective support for that argument. But two events this week have given concrete credence to Kerry and the Democratic Party having little fidelity with democracy. The two events were an interview this week with Kerry in which Kerry played dumb about the presidential debates and the other is a story coming out of Arizona regarding actions of the Democratic Party.

In a C-span interview, a clip of which was aired on Washington Journal this morning, Kerry was asked if he would debate Nader. Kerry's response was that that decision is not up to him and belongs to the (CPD) Presidential Debate Commission. Queried again on this topic, he dodged once again stating that whether he debates Nader or not depends upon the status of Nader's campaign at the time of the debates. This is Kerry playing Bush's role of simple Texan hick as if to say, "Shucks, Ma'am, I am just a simple rich Senator from Massachusetts and I don't know much about the those kinds of things". The man has been a politician for most of his adult life, and Kerry knows very well that the PCD has no rules and whoever participates in the debates is in fact up to him and Bush, and their respective party leaders.

Now Kerry, were he honest about his love of the democratic process would have responded favorably to debating Ralph Nader since debates among the candidates of the people's choice is central to democracy. A simply honest answer: Yes, I would look forward to debating Nader, would have reflected a fidelity to our democracy. But, instead, we got a hem and haw dumb act and a politically defensive dodge of the question for an answer. This would seem to suggest that Kerry has been a politician too long to be honest and straight forward with the American people any more. Though Kerry did not say it, his avoidance of debating Nader is akin to the Right's attempt to censor Fahrenheit 9/11 before they have even seen it. It is dishonest, unAmerican and undemocratic and betrays Kerry's love of power over his love of democracy and the welfare of the people.

The second event which should become a scourge upon the Democratic Party comes in the form of an AP story entitled Arizona Democrats File Challenge to Nader. Such an action to limit American voices in politics, to limit the political and electoral process, to diminish democracy in America for the sake of power utterly undermines the name of Kerry's political party. It would appear the Democratic Party which has talked democratic while undermining it in the background via the Presidential Debate Commission and Federal Elections Commission, is giving up its facade of being pro-democratic and going the way of the Republican Party in its naked grab for power with abandon toward democratic ideals.

For background information on the travesty of the Presidential Debate Commission see Presidential Debate Fraud - Pt.1. For background information on the undemocratic power hold of the Federal Elections Commission check out an excellent research site entitled FEC Watch. The American voter can reject both the Republican and UnDemocratic Party candidates and still exercise their freedom of choice by voting for any of a number of left or right leaning candidates from a number of Third Parties like the Libertarian, Green, or Reform Parties.

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