Jobs Act Gives $149B to Corporations

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The House of Representatives voted and passed a bill that will give away 149 Billion dollars of your tax money to corporations in the name of creating jobs. My Congressman, Lamar Smith, voted for it because he got a concession for Texas State sales taxes to be deducted from Federal taxes. A whole lot of other Congresspersons got pork for their corporate constituencies as well. If you don't live in one of the privileged pork areas like Texas, you will get nothing back from this Bill's proposals.

Now the Ayes are going to tell you that 149 Billion dollars in tobacco company buyouts, timber subsidies, and so many other pork provisions are going to create jobs, as can be viewed in the Ways and Means Committee summary of the legislation. But nowhere in the bill is the stipulation that in return for these tax breaks, the corporations receiving them must create jobs here in America. Those corporations are free to invest that money in overseas operations creating jobs outside the U.S. There were many opponents, the Treasury Dep't., all but about 48 Democrats, and budget watch groups everywhere.

What does the Republican Party stand for anymore? The vote was 203 Republicans Aye, 23 Nay, while Democrats voted 48 Aye, and 154 Nay. Giving corporations subsidies to outsource more jobs, hemhoraged spending which is draining the life blood of payroll earnings for current and future non wealthy workers while they move to make tax cuts to the wealthy permanent, are not in the Republican Party platform. Government subsidies to corporations go contrary to the Republican platform which calls for downsizing government, reducing government spending, and getting out of businesses way. So when the Republicans hold their convention this year and tout their 2004 party platform, compare it the 2000 platform and their actions these last four years. If you find you can believe it, your loyalty knows no bounds.

With all those Corporate scandals, Adelphia, Enron, Tyco, Vivendi, WorldCom and dozens of others have resulted in only 10 persons going to jail. And can you believe it, after Enron steals billions from Californian homeowners and working families, the Republican controlled FERC, Federal Energy Regulation Commission, now says Californians must pay Enron and other companie 247 million dollars in refunds. This is outrageous and becoming a trademark of the Republican Party to favor corporate business regardless of harm to the fabric of our society or to working middle class men and women across the nation.

So if you want to cash in on those tax cuts to create jobs, you may want to consider moving to India or China where the new jobs will be created. If you are fed up watching your future taxes spiral ever upwards as you lose your Social Security and Medicare benefits paid for by your company, you should definitely find some party other than the Republican Party to vote for in November.

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