Britain may predict November elections?

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An article entitled, Blair takes drubbing over Iraq in local elections, reports how President Bush’s sidekick in the invasion of Iraq has just paid a huge political price for supporting Bush’s plan. The article is by Sarah Lyall of the N.Y. Times.

The article discusses how Britain just conducted elections last week, and Prime Minister

Tony Blair’s, Labour Party suffered huge losses in local elections across Britain yesterday, as voters expressed their anger about the Iraq war and their growing disillusionment with Blair's leadership.
The article goes on to report that
Labour still holds a comfortable majority in Parliament. But the poor results are a political embarrassment to Blair, a threat to his control over an increasingly fractious party and a sign that the party needs to pull itself together if it is to hang on to its majority through the next general election, expected within a year's time.

British citizens are very patriotic and sensible like their American counterparts. And some similarities between the GOP and the Labour party are uncanny. Republican congresspersons are coming out and contesting some of President Bush’s strategies, priorities, and policies on a regular basis now, as they try to mend the disquiet among their voters over the justification for invading Iraq, the huge deficit spending outpacing anything in the past by Democrats, and the national debt now predicted to exceed 10 Trillion dollars by decade’s end. Like Blair’s fractious Labour Party, Bush’s GOP is growing more fractious as November nears, and Republican incumbents hope to avoid the possible Bush coattails making tracks back to Crawford, Tex., tail between legs.

Thus it is likely the blow voters dealt Blair in Britain portends the blow the American voters will deal Bush and his GOP in November. All polls of late (save Fox news’: see Bert Caradine's comment under this Watchblog article) are indicating that Kerry needs only to present a convincing case that he can and will deal with terrorist threats against the U.S. effectively, to win.

The polls imply that the majority of American voters are simply looking for a viable alternative to Bush to free them to vote against him. Now that General Sanchez, top General of our forces in Iraq, is implicated in ordering international law violations in the treatment of prisoners, it is a much smaller step from Sanchez to Rumsfeld and the Whitehouse in establishing responsibility for the policy that threatens horrible treatment of our own POW’s in the Iraqi occupation and elsewhere, by precedent.

The Whitehouse continues to try to deceive the American people by referring to the Abu Ghraib incident as misconduct by only a handful of Military Police at the prison. But, the evidence coming forward in the hearings and military investigations reveal gross malfeasance right up the chain of command. The U.S. agreed to the Geneva Conventions NOT for the fair treatment of our captives, but, for the fair treatment of OUR OWN soldiers captured during war. A detail lost on this President and his cabinet and the Pentagon under their leadership when President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld indicated that Convention rules would not apply to the the U.S. in conducting its war on terror..

The American people are a forgiving people when honest people make honest mistakes. But, the electorate is likely to reflect their belief in November that this administration has neither been honest, nor made mistakes, but instead, revealed their capacity for incompetence and failure to put American soldiers first in the pursuit of their foreign policy. The Whitehouse is currently reviewing cuts to veterans benefits in the 2006 budget which would affect thousands of returning injured, maimed, and scarred soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq in need of prolonged care and rehabilitation at VA hospitals, already strapped for resources. And GI’s are still reporting they are underequipped.

The American electorate is likely to reflect their distrust in learning that the State Department underestimated the 2003 report of terrorist growth and incidents in order to provide President Bush the opportunity to once again mislead the people in saying his administration has reduced the amount of terrorism in the world making the case that we are winning the “war on terrorism”. The revised estimates are likely to support Bush critics’ claims that invading Iraq has in fact increased world terrorism and emboldened terrorists, making Americans overseas and at home less secure against terrorist attack.

The American people en masse are not stupid and they do seek for our nation to conduct its affairs domestic and foreign, with honor and humanity. In this, the American and British voters have much in common. The British people have spoken in the local election polls that they will not support top leadership that deceives and dupes their constituents. It is likely they will deal an even more devastating blow to Blair and his Labour party in the general election in a year. And for similar reasons, the polls are showing the American voters are likely to mete out a similar democratic justice to President Bush and his Grand Old Party in November.

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