News Behind Reagan’s Passing

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There is a lot of political news occurring while the media focuses almost exclusively on Reagan’s passing, an event in which nothing can be changed for the better.

Florida Not a Given for Bush This Fall. The GOP advantage held in 2000 appears to have evaporated in Florida due to concerns over the war in Iraq.

U.S. and Britain compromise a third time in order to fashion yet another resolution to be voted on by the U.N. Security Council in the hopes of an eventual replacement of American Troops by international troops and a lessening of the burden in Iraq upon American troops and taxpayers. If only the Bush administration had not had to learn this lesson of international cooperation and diplomacy so very late in its 4 year tenure, America could have saved lives and billions of taxpayer dollars.

The New York Times reports in Another Bad Week for Bush:

A CBS News poll concluded that the country is more pessimistic now than it has been at any time since 1994, with only 30 percent of Americans saying the country is moving in the right direction and 65 percent saying things are seriously off on the wrong track.

While John Kerry, Mr. Bush's Democratic rival, has not gained as much traction as Mr. Bush has lost, the Annenberg Public Policy Center found that Mr. Kerry is making headway when it comes to likeability in the battleground states. He is now viewed more positively than negatively, which was not the case a month ago when it was about even.

The Washington Post reports in Memo Offered Justification for Use of Torture:

If a government employee were to torture a suspect in captivity, "he would be doing so in order to prevent further attacks on the United States by the Al Qaeda terrorist network," said the memo, from the Justice Department's office of legal counsel, written in response to a CIA request for legal guidance. It added that arguments centering on "necessity and self-defense could provide justifications that would eliminate any criminal liability" later.

The AP Business section reports in: Exxon Head: Energy Independence Is a Myth:

The idea of American energy independence is a myth and the United States must maintain "constructive relationships" with oil-producing countries for its own prosperity, the head of petroleum giant Exxon Mobil Corp. said Monday night.

No doubt this will become a cornerstone defense for Bush’s energy policy since they are nearly identical in their assessment.

In related stories, NAFTA rules granting unlimited access to U.S. roads and highways was upheld by the courts this week opening the door to increased pollution and particulates in the air, more truck related accidents, and increasing damage to America’s roads, which prompts the related story regarding businesses lobbying for dramatic increases in federal expenditures on American roads. High Court Opens U.S. Roads to Mexican Trucks and Business Leaders Seek Bigger Highway Bill.

Appears Bush is going to lose his bid to ban stem cell research as reported in an AP story entitled 58 Senators Seek Looser Stem-Cell Rules. With Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease so much in the news and stem cell research holding the greatest promise for treatment or cure, Bush may well lose this one and rightly so.

In an important win for workers and loss for corporations, the AP reports in Court Backs Young Retirees on Pensions. Thankfully the Supreme Court is not yet a full majority of conservatives like the other two branches of government which leaves some small victories for workers and working families still possible.

Sen. John Kerry may have been hoping for some cooperation from candidate Ralph Nader (I) after their meeting a few weeks ago, but, he needs to do some more reaching out to Ralph if those hopes are not to be dashed. Ralph Nader announced this week he still has some reservations about Democrat John Kerry, particularly on energy conservation issues.


Cool site. But, what is with all the negative reporting about Bush? I thought your bio said you were an independent? You look like a leftie in this article.

Bill, thanks for the comment. Well, your reasoning is a bit flawed. You imply that because I oppose many of Bush's policies, that that makes me a leftie. Have you checked out the conservative think tanks lately, or what Republican Senator's and Representatives have been saying over the last few months, like Sen. Warner, who are distancing themselves from Bush's budgets, deficits, debt, and the Iraq situtation? Many conservatives now polled disagree with Bush on whether we should have invaded Iraq. They think we need to follow through now that we are there, but, if they had it to do over again, they wouldn't support Bush invading.

As I say in my Bio- I am a leftie on many social issues like preserving Soc. Sec. and single payer health system, but, I left the Democrats because of their support for the Iraqi invasion and the fact that I don't believe in passing debt on to future generations to pay through higher taxes. That, in my book, makes me an Independent.

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