Presidential Debate Fraud - Pt.1

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Subtitle: Why Bush & Kerry's debates will be a waste of viewer time. Would you be surprised to learn that the Presidential debates are conducted by a private corporation? Would you be surprised to learn that the Presidential Debate Commission is controlled by the Democratic AND Republican Parties? Would you be shocked to learn that funding for the Presidential debates comes from major corporations and your taxpayer dollars? If the answer to any of the above is yes, you probably want to read on.

A little history. On November 26, 1985, a memorandum was issued and signed by both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, hereafter, referred to as the Joint Memorandum. Contained in the Joint Memorandum, is a bipartisan agreement which states:

It is our bipartisan view that the primary responsibility of each major political party is to educate and inform the American electorate of its fundamental philosophy and policies as well as its candidates' positions on critical issues. One of the most effective means of fulfilling that responsibility is through nationally televised joint appearances conducted between the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees of the two major political parties during general election campaigns. Therefore, to better fulfill our parties' responsibilities for educating and informing the American public and to strengthen the role of political parties in the electoral process, it is our conclusion that future joint appearances should be principally and jointly sponsored and conducted by the Republican and Democratic National Committees.

Now with that Joint Memorandum a conspiracy was set in place by the two major parties to prevent competition from any other parties or candidates outside the two major parties. President Reagan set the precedent when he refused to appear at any debate in which an Independent was to be included (John Anderson). Since then, candidates like Ross Perot, Buchanann, Nader and others have been denied access to the Presidential debates, and effectively prevented from informing and educating the public of alternatives on policy issues, value systems, government priorities, other parties and other candidates. In fact, the debate format has evolved at the hands of the two parties to one of not even being a debate anymore, but rather, to equal time stump speeches by their respective candidates. This safeguards their candidates from embarrassing questions or issues which they are ill prepared to respond to or may not even have a clue about.

On Feb. 18, 1987, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in a (PDF) joint news release announced "RNC and DNC establish Commission on Presidential Debates". That news release states:

The 10 member commission is a bipartisan, not profit, tax exempt organization formed to implement joint sponsorship of general election presidential and vice presidential debates, starting in 1988 by the national Republican and Democratic committees between their respective nominees. ... By jointly sponsoring these debates ... we can institutionalize the debates, making them an integral and permanent part of the presidential process.

What in fact they did, was to rig the entire debate system in the favor of their two presidential candidates with all decisions concerning the debates, including format, participants, moderators, panelists, questions etc., made by the two parties and their candidates. One only need to quickly scan their Memorandum of Understanding to see that controlling and restricting information disseminated to the public, not educating or informing the public, was the primary purpose and goal of the bipartisan corporate Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).

Now, debates were the province of the League of Women Voters (LWV) prior to the two major parties taking over, and the LWV did want to educate and inform the public. However, power being what it is - corrupt - the two major parties stole the debates from the LWV and shaped it to their own ends, with polite thanks to the LWV for having laid the groundwork for the two major parties. The League of Women Voters announced in a (PDF) press release on Oct. 3, 1988 that they were withdrawing their support from the final presidential debate "because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetuate a fraud on the American voter..." And the fraud upon the American voters has grown and increased ever since.

(To be continued.)

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