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Many have argued that a vote for Kerry is a vote for the lesser of two evils. Until this week, there has been little objective support for that argument. But two events this week have given concrete credence to Kerry and the Democratic Party having little fidelity with democracy. The two events were an interview this week with Kerry in which Kerry played dumb about the presidential debates and the other is a story coming out of Arizona regarding actions of the Democratic Party.

There are many who still blame the media for news content critical of President Bush’s administration, claiming liberal bias. To the extent that bad news sells and good news doesn’t (so well), there is a bias against Bush’s candidacy. But the factual basis for stories prominent in the news today have little to do with media bias one way or another. Abu Ghraib torture, workers living on less, a 50% increase in deaths from terrorism since the Iraq invasion, environmental criticism, the Medicare Rx drug card revolt among seniors, and many more stories are not a result of bias. They are real events which capture public interest in news.

The House of Representatives voted and passed a bill that will give away 149 Billion dollars of your tax money to corporations in the name of creating jobs. My Congressman, Lamar Smith, voted for it because he got a concession for Texas State sales taxes to be deducted from Federal taxes. A whole lot of other Congresspersons got pork for their corporate constituencies as well. If you don't live in one of the privileged pork areas like Texas, you will get nothing back from this Bill's proposals.

An article entitled, Blair takes drubbing over Iraq in local elections, reports how President Bush’s sidekick in the invasion of Iraq has just paid a huge political price for supporting Bush’s plan. The article is by Sarah Lyall of the N.Y. Times.

A new LA Times poll reports: "Widespread unease over the country's direction and doubts about President Bush's policies on Iraq and the economy helped propel Sen. John F. Kerry to a solid lead among voters nationwide, according to a new Times poll." However, in the swing states, Kerry and Bush are still neck and neck. This race may be setting up to be a popular vote for Kerry with an Electoral College win for Bush.

There is a lot of political news occurring while the media focuses almost exclusively on Reagan’s passing, an event in which nothing can be changed for the better.

Florida Not a Given for Bush This Fall. The GOP advantage held in 2000 appears to have evaporated in Florida due to concerns over the war in Iraq.

Subtitle: Why Bush & Kerry's debates will be a waste of viewer time. Would you be surprised to learn that the Presidential debates are conducted by a private corporation? Would you be surprised to learn that the Presidential Debate Commission is controlled by the Democratic AND Republican Parties? Would you be shocked to learn that funding for the Presidential debates comes from major corporations and your taxpayer dollars? If the answer to any of the above is yes, you probably want to read on.


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