The President’s Quicksand

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The more a person struggles to extricate them self from quicksand, the deeper they sink. Why? The struggling person does not know how to extricate them self. This appears to be the case for the President. In typical macho, testosterone loaded fashion, the President, instead of trying something different, instead of thinking about the problems in a new way, is going to do what he has been doing, even more ardently, and with more force.

The President reminds me of my young daughter who, upon losing something, would look in the same few places again and again, getting more frustrated each time. I was fond of saying to her, when she would cry out it in frustration “I can’t find it”, “you haven’t yet looked where it is”. She is a teen now, and has learned that repeating failed behavior does not improve her chances of success. Now, she looks in more and more new and unlikely places, until she finds it.

The Whitehouse is reported by CNN to say they don’t expect polls to bump up much as a result of the President’s speech tonight which will try to outline an overview for Iraq. So, the Whitehouse says, it will make the same speech in a number of different venues and different times over the next few weeks. This is what I am talking about. If it doesn’t work, do it some more. This is precisely what is wrong with the President’s policies.

The President will speak tonight of his plan for Iraq. He will speak of providing more troops for the job including more from other nations. But, the President is speaking hollow empty words, as he spoke before the invasion. He could not get international support on his terms before the invasion, - why would he think he could increase that support now, when civil war could break out at anytime?

Voters should weigh Gen. Zinni’s remarks side by side with the President’s speech tonight. Mike Allen of the Washington Post reports today:

Retired Marine Gen. Anthony C. Zinni, former U.S. commander in the Middle East, charges in a book to be published today that "everybody in the military knew" that the Bush administration's plan for Iraq consisted of only half the troops that were needed, and says that country is now "a powder keg" that could break apart into warring regions.

So why would any logical, rational person believe the President tonight when he says his plan calls for more international troops in Iraq? This is just more empty promises to back up his former empty promises. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Voters should also weigh the President’s speech tonight against Republican Senator Richard G. Lugar who said the United States isn't doing enough to stave off terrorism and criticized President Bush for failing to offer solid plans for Iraq's future. The Washington Post reports:

Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Saturday the nation must prevent terrorism from taking root around the world by "repairing and building alliances," increasing trade, supporting democracy, addressing regional conflicts and controlling weapons of mass destruction.

The President’s answer to environmental problems is to give Corporations more freedom to self-regulate. The President’s answer to improving public schools is to push harder for vouchers which will take more money out of the public school systems. The President’s answer to rising fuel costs is to put more oil into the Federal Oil Reserve system, rather than halting deposits until the price drops. This means Americans are paying $40 a barrel for oil reserves today, lining the pockets of the Bush family and their buddies, when waiting until after peak demand season would cost the taxpayer only $30 a barrel. In addition, halting reserve deposits would lower prices at the pump for consumers: but, the President’s answer is to refuse to alter his course.

The President will tell us tonight that the economy is doing great. He won’t tell us that personal bankruptcies continue to rise to new highs month after month. He won’t tell us that the estimated real rate of unemployment which includes those who have given up trying to find jobs is in the 8% range according to the Office of Labor and Statistics. He will tell us that those individuals responsible for the human rights abuses in Iraq will be punished. He won’t tell us that evidence is now coming forth to indicate that the abuses occurred in a large number of prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan indicating a Dept. of Defense policy sanctioning such practices, whether written or unwritten, was in place under his management as Commander in Chief and Donald Rumsfeld’s direction.

The President will tell us the situation is improving in Iraq. But, that statement will stand in stark contrast with what the President told the Republican Congresspersons earlier this week. AP writer Scott Lindlaw reports, “Bush went to Capitol Hill to brief anxious Republican lawmakers, warning of more difficult days in Iraq even after the transfer of sovereignty.” So, which is it, Mr. President, is the situation in Iraq improving or is it getting worse?

Polls now show Kerry winning against Bush, and the President’s approval rating now stands lower than his disapproval rating on how the Iraq situation is being handled. Will this President rethink his environmental, economic, jobs, foreign policy, and federal budget policies? Of course not. President Bush is a self-proclaimed war time President and backing down, changing direction, or new and creative thinking to address problems are tools simply absent from his macho, testosterone loaded tool bag. God bless the United States with a new President in November.

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