There are no Scapegoats!

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Let us not beat around the 'Bush'. Our President said, "Bring 'em on", and "we will do whatever it takes", and his reelection hangs upon a much greater degree of success and much fewer losses than the U.S. has experienced to date. Generals and Colonels are on the news nightly stating the Iraq war is being almost completely mismanaged, and even without management. The news shows like Chris Matthew's HardBall for example, are asking how Americans can be responsible for such acts against defenseless prisoners in a military prison in Iraq. They are asking, who is responsible. Isn't it obvious?

Yes, we will try and convict individuals who responded to orders to get results. But the person who set the "do whatever it takes" management paradigm now being followed in Iraq, is George W. Bush. He is the Commander in Chief, he has the power to jump deep into a threatening posture toward the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has the power to demand results. He has said in public, "we will do whatever it takes". And so, in a structure like the military where careers are made or destroyed based on loyalty toward command, the mass slaughter of civilians and the tortures and humiliations of Iraqi prisoners were inevitable under such a desperate man as George W. Bush.

Obviously, our President will not take responsibility as Commander in Chief. He still hasn't taken responsibility for the lack of imminent threat or WMD, or missiles to deliver them. He still hasn't taken responsibility for the massive replacement of good benefit and paying jobs with part time, no benefit jobs. He still hasn't taken responsibility for hiding the real costs of that massively expensive Medicare Bill which returns so little for the half trillion dollars it will cost. He still hasn't taken responsibility for putting terrorism on the back burner prior to 9/11. He still hasn't taken responsibility for using American fears to extract executive power that denies citizens their Constitutional rights of Habeas Corpus.

Therefore, it is up to us to take responsibility on November 2, and send a message to George W. Bush. We can tell him it does not matter what he does, he is a Republican and that is good enough. Or we can tell him even Kerry or Nader would be more responsible to the needs and welfare of the American people, and peoples of other nations who were our allies, than he has been. He will not take responsibility, so we must - we elected him, and what happens on his watch reflects upon all Americans, Republican, Democrat, Third Party or Independent.

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