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Associated Press Writer, Alan Fram reported yesterday the following:

The Bush administration has told officials who oversee federal education, domestic security, veterans and other programs to prepare preliminary 2006 budgets that would cut spending after the presidential election, according to White House documents.

The more a person struggles to extricate them self from quicksand, the deeper they sink. Why? The struggling person does not know how to extricate them self. This appears to be the case for the President. In typical macho, testosterone loaded fashion, the President, instead of trying something different, instead of thinking about the problems in a new way, is going to do what he has been doing, even more ardently, and with more force.

Meet the Press host Tim Russert, brought Senators Joe Biden (D) and John McCain (R) together for a dialogue. It was a preeminently respectful, thoughtful, good natured, and intelligent exchange of thoughts and ideas. I was truly impressed to find two politicians, on either side of the aisle, able and willing to engage in civil discourse over the issues of the day. You can find the transcript here.

History teaches that civilizations ebb and flow like the tide. They ebb and flow due to an infinite number of influences and variables. It is natural in the affairs of humankind that what they build, will not last. Nature will eventually undo all that humankind has exerted such strenuous efforts to make permanent. The reason is that nature is in the core of humankind on this earth. The one and only hope of humankind to make anything permanent, is to conquer space travel and thus insure the continuation of the species long after this earth is a crusted cinder.

In a nutshell, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld's defense as to why he tried to hide from the world and the Congress and the public, the horrid practices of interrogation being conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan was that he had no procedure or guideline to follow in reaching down into a criminal investigation of such abuses and bring forth information that would be damning in the eyes of the world, and to our efforts in our military engagements.

On C-Span's Washington Journal program this morning Greg Palast, journalist and author of the book, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy", was interviewed. One of his central topics was voting in America and how the Civil Rights Commission has produced damning reports about trashing American votes. One million Black votes were thrown into the trash in 2000, and nowhere near that number of white votes were thrown out.

Let us not beat around the 'Bush'. Our President said, "Bring 'em on", and "we will do whatever it takes", and his reelection hangs upon a much greater degree of success and much fewer losses than the U.S. has experienced to date. Generals and Colonels are on the news nightly stating the Iraq war is being almost completely mismanaged, and even without management. The news shows like Chris Matthew's HardBall for example, are asking how Americans can be responsible for such acts against defenseless prisoners in a military prison in Iraq. They are asking, who is responsible. Isn't it obvious?


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