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Sen. Chuck Hagel (R) of the Foreign Relations Committee, yesterday and today has announced it is time for the American people to consider whether the U.S. should reinstate the draft. He gives reasons for this ranging from equity of rich and famous being forced to serve as the middle class and poor are now serving, and the fact that the National Guard and Reserves are simply insufficient additions to our needs for a larger military force. Hagel deserves a medal whatever his reasons, for bringing Bush’s view of decades of war in defense of God’s gift to all people - freedom, to the forefront.

Bush has in fact said, freedom is God’s gift to all people, and Bush has said America will bring freedom to Iraq. Atty. Gen. Ashcroft has said "We're not fighting a religious war. We're fighting a freedom war," ... "As an American, I'm called to guard freedom all around the world." Hagel says this war on terrorism could last 25 years or more. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz have all said the war on terrorism will be fought for a very long time. What they are preparing the American people for is perpetual war, a neo-con war premised on the U.S. undertaking to remake the nations of the world in our own image, Democratic, Capitalist, and friendly toward U.S. interests and goals.

It does not take a college graduate to see that this is going to mean a very much larger military force, huge numbers of American body bags, enormous sums of American tax dollars, and. a majority of the American public standing behind this President’s messianic dream of bringing democracy and freedom to the world whether the world wants it or not. But, what is not so obvious, is that such goals will in fact require a reinstatement of the draft, and that will bring a civil rift to our society that will make current political debate look like a cafeteria food fight.

Sen. Hagel, has done the American people an immense service by putting the question to them. ‘Would you still support this Administration’s foreign policy if your son, daughter, father, uncle, Grandson, or daughter were to be forced by law to walk into death’s jaws all for a dream of remaking the world in accordance with George W. Bush’s dream for it? For this is exactly what Sen. Hagel is bringing to the front pages of American media. And as he says, we should have this debate before circumstances require it. In other words Americans need to decide now if following Bush to remake the world is what they want to do before mourning their dead, maimed, and lost loved ones. For they will have no one to blame for the loss of their loved ones but themselves if they deem this whole issue a political ploy or wait until reinstating the draft becomes inevitable.

This is not a political ploy. It is a very realistic question put before a very real scenario that will occur if Bush is reelected. All one has to do is read Bush’s quotes in Woodward’s book or read Bush’s speeches of late where Bush says in no uncertain terms what his direction will be in foreign affairs if he is reelected. There is a choice to be made here, and it will be most difficult for Bush supporters. They can bury their head in the sand, or decide whether their allegiance to the GOP and Bush is more valuable, and more important than risking the lives and limbs of family members in pursuit of Bush’s belief in the mission which God has given him.

There is no doubt this issue will have an effect on young voters in November, if the media gives it the attention which it so desperately deserves. The draft will cause civil discord in America. How much is up for debate. But upcoming polls will show the majority of Americans do not want to reinstate the draft. Never has a political question been so clearly defined in terms of self-interest. Because Bush’s foreign policy is not one which states we will fight when we are attacked. Bush’s foreign policy is the neo-con policy which states we will never be safe until we have control of the world.

Control of the world at large to the extent that America can feel safe will not be accomplished in one generation. In all likelihood it will take multiple generations if it is possible at all. But whether we as a people commit to such a utopian idea and the blood and death that we will pay for a glimmer of a hope that it is even possible, will take only one day. A day in November when we elect the next President of the United States is the day Sen. Hagel’s discussion of the necessity for reinstating the draft will need to be addressed.

Make no mistake; President Bush and his cabinet have already embarked upon the holy war of bringing God's gift to all people to the world. In November, the American people will decide if that mission is also theirs. It will only take about 51 percent of the vote to commit us all to decades of war, very likely a reinstatement of the draft, and decades of American losses. Thank you Sen. Hagel. I cannot think of a more responsible act by a a representative of the people than yours as we move down the campaign trail.

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