Let Political Feelings Be Known

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My aunt says she will never discuss her politics with anyone else. I suspect we differ on a number of issues. This has not been a good political morning for me, but, I managed to find some relief from it all - more on that in a moment.

My aunt also won't discuss religion with others in public. It would appear she fears differences should her feelings be known. I have always thought there was nothing to fear in America for disagreeing with someone politically, or religiously. Today was one where I simply had to make my feelings be known. First, a little about this political morning.

At 11:30 A.M., I ran downstairs in the house I am building (almost finished) to grab the ringing phone. My wife is out of town so I was hoping it would be her. No! It was the DNC calling to ask for a donation. I told them the day the Democrats in Congress voted to give Bush carte blanche authority to engage war with anyone, anywhere, and anytime he deemed there were terrorists, terrorist supporters, or harborers of terrorists, I ceased to have any affiliation with the Democrat Party (our relationship had been strained for a couple decades already anyway). Hung up, took a break and pulled up my email.

In my email was this story and link, Special-Interest Add-Ons Weigh Down Tax-Cut Bill. It is a nightmarish story how Congress sets about to "Repeal an illegal $5 billion-a-year export subsidy and replace it with some modest tax breaks to ease the pain on U.S. exporters." But what they end up with is

one of the most complex, special-interest-riddled corporate tax bills in years, lawmakers, Senate aides and tax lobbyists say. The 930-page epic is packed with $170 billion in tax cuts aimed at cruise-ship operators, foreign dog-race gamblers, NASCAR track owners, bow-and-arrow makers and Oldsmobile dealers, to name a few. There is even a $94 million break for a single hotel in Sioux City, Iowa.

Considering it is a GOP Congress, I wasn't too surprised, but, I was angry.

To shed my anger I went to the mail box to see if my wife had sent a card or letter. What lay in my mailbox was an envelope from the RNC and President Bush. I normally trash them, but, I decided to open it and see what they would send a person who has never been nor ever supported the RNC or President Bush. It was a full color glossy picture of George and Laura in front of the Whitehouse, her with a demure smile, and he with his (I got away with it) smirk. Well, rather than go ballistic over politicians reserving their right to intrude themselves into my life by way of phone, email, and snail mail to ask for more money than I already have to pay for their ill-deserved salaries, I decided I would make my feelings known and purge my hostilities.

I took the accompanying letter asking you to check the amount you are donating and checked the "Other" box. Beside it, I put a note, "see enclosed" hoping it would make some young republican staffer slobber over dreams of a million dollar check enclosed. Attached to the letter I returned the full color glossy photo of Laura and George with a minor addition. I smeared a bit of dark peanut butter over that smirk realizing full well at first glance, it would not appear to be peanut butter. Folded it up, neatly put it all back in the self-addressed pre-stamped envelope, and walked smiling and smirking all the way back out to the mail box, put it in, raised the red flag, and closed the door flap. It felt like victory. I know the rest of my day is going to go very well, now that I have let my feelings be known and exercised my Constitutional right of free speech.

I highly recommend this sort of response to anyone who has got a case of the political blues. Be clever, be creative, be legal, BUT LET YOUR FEELINGS BE KNOWN! In the end, it could make a difference. I did after all use up 37 cents of the RNC war chest by not adding a stamp to the pre-stamped envelope and if enough folks do that, the cost to the RNC (or DNC depending on which party you dislike most this week) could make a difference come election time.

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