Nader On A Roll

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Ralph Nader will appear on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on CNN this Sunday, April 18 beginning at 1:15 eastern time (check your local listings).

Just received an email from Nader's campaign announcing his launching of a campaign to call for an impeachment inquiry of Pres. Bush and V.P. Dick Cheney. Apparently it only takes 1 member of the House of Rep.'s to call for the inquiry to start the process of investigation.

There is a petition folks can sign to urge Congress persons to call for the inquiry. To sign on as I have, go to this link at VoteNader.Org.

Nader states in his email that there are two reasons which demand the start of impeachment proceedings. They are:

1. They led the United States into an illegal, unconstitutional war in Iraq.

2. They misled the Congress and the American people with five falsehoods that led to war.

Ralph Nader has issued a press release urging an Impeachment Inquiry that provides more details on these points, if you want to read more, visit this section of his site.

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