Two Wrongs Will Not Make A Right

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by David R. Remer, PoliWatch.Org, WatchBlog

Operation Vigilant Resolve this week would be better named Operation Vigilant Devolve. It was wrong for the U.S. to enter war with Iraq without the U.N.'s backing and cooperation. That is clear to all except the religiously loyal Bushites. The growing civil and anti-U.S. occupation war developing in Iraq threatens the handover of government to Iraqi's this summer, because it is becoming apparent what many scholars predicted before invasion, that the differing sects in Iraq will not cooperate in a unified government. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said today about the handover threat, "We will make it work."

Whether Donald Rumsfeld understands what he and our troops are really facing is in grave doubt due to such words as he spoke today. Before one can will a thing to happen, one must know that it is possible to make it happen. When the will and intent to win was adamant in the 60's but, the plausibility of any winning scenario was simply not believable, the United States was caught in a trap of pouring ever more American blood into Vietnamese soil with no end in sight. The reason there was no end to the stream of 52 thousand American body bags and 100's of thousands of injuries, was because the will to win was not matched by a strategy or plan that could win. And politicians refused to face the reality that they had erred in their calculations, erred in their planning, and hopelessly underestimated their opponent.

There is still a winning scenario - Turn the war in Iraq over to the U.N. by whatever means necessary. Then the U.S. can claim credit for deposing a ruthless demonic dictator, while laying the burden of decades of nation building and social and cultural rehabilitation which will be necessary in Iraq to allow self governance to become successful. But, like John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Richard Nixon, the unwillingness of American leaders to admit loss or failure prior to the brink of domestic civil war in the U.S. is every bit as evident in President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld as in their predecessors. But there is no winning scenario if the U.S. pins its hopes of turning security in Iraq over to a civil democratic government representing the Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis. It will take at least a generation or two to bring that about, and our losses will only increase over those decades, threatening domestic peace and tranquility here at home.

It was wrong to invade Iraq without U.N. sanction - meaning, unless and until, the U.N. backed the invasion, the U.S. had no winning strategy, exit strategy, or any other kind of realistic appraisal or strategy backing its targeting of Iraq. Whatever we gained by having a presence in the Middle East, as the last year of history in Iraq demonstrates, will be outweighed by the countless billions of tax dollars, hundreds and even thousands of American troop deaths before it is over, 10's of thousands of injuries, losses of limb, and grief born destruction of families here in America. It was a wrong decision to invade Iraq without the U.N. and pursuing redemption by pursuing a war that has no end will not make the first wrong right, it will just continue to put make American troops in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in what otherwise should be pursuit of terrorists threatening the U.S. instead of a civil war and nation building in Iraq that will take a generation at least.

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