GOP-Going for Broke

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Under Democrats, Congress had a "pay as you go" rule for spending by the federal government. They were called tax and spend Democrats because if they elected to pass a program needing money from the budget, they would raise taxes or decrease other spending to pay for it. The Republican's Grand Old Party (GOP) now have control of Congress and they long ago dismissed the pay as you go rule. That action has resulted in the record half trillion dollar budget for 2005 without any attempt by the President or Republican House of Representatives to raise taxes or cut other spending in order to pay for this record deficit. And only an estimated 6% of the budget deficit is due to the lackluster economy. This contradicts the President's and Republican spokesperson's rebuttal that the deficits are resulting the 2001 recession and the 9/11 attacks.

The Senate just passed a rule to reinstate the 'pay as you go rule" by 51 to 48. However, the Washington Post reports:

But no sooner had the Senate voted than at least some of the lawmakers whose support was critical were waffling on whether they would insist that the rule be kept. With the administration and the Republican leadership dead set against a real "pay as you go" rule -- one that applies to tax cuts as well as spending increases -- the provision is at risk of being killed in conference.

The Republicans are 'Going For Broke' in their attempt to keep power by bankrupting the nation and middle income tax payers with their program of 'spend now to get votes and stick it to the tax-payers later after our President is out of office in 4 more years.' It does appear voters of the major parties have a choice in November: The Tax and Spend Democrats, The Spend and Bankrupt Republicans, or the Green Party which proposes to take a wholistic approach which balances today's needs with tomorrow's.

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