Kerry Steamroller headed for Swing States

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by David R. Remer, PoliWatch.Org

Super Tuesday was no surprise for those who have followed my previous articles on the Kerry Steamroller here and here. The question now is, can the Kerry steamroller turn the swing states into win states? It is very likely and here is why.

Regardless of what events occur between now and November, Sen. John Kerry can win the Presidency with President Bush's help. The help Sen. Kerry needs from the President is simply a hard hitting, money flying advertising campaign aiming to discredit the Senator based on his Senatorial voting record. This will actually hurt Bush and help Kerry in November. It is a psychological thing, just as Kerry's steamroller out of N.H. and Iowa was a purely psychological dynamic. There is not a single attack which Rove and Bush could launch toward Kerry's voting record that cannot be turned back on President Bush. The net effect will be to render the President the bigger hypocrite, more inconsistent, and less predictable than Sen. Kerry. In other words, Bush's campaign will backfire.

The exit polls show the economy is voter's number one concern. For working Americans that translates to job security. There is nothing President Bush can do to increase jobs or job security, because the President believes tax cuts to the wealthy will create jobs. As we have seen, throwing money at the wealthy has only resulted in increased productivity, not increased jobs. The President believes in free trade, and free trade is what is exporting America's jobs overseas. The exit polls show many more Americans believe they are worse off now than they were 4 years ago. And there is nothing in the President's ideology that would permit him to reverse these psychological trends in the voters.

Attacking Kerry on the economy won't work for a number of reasons. First, the public does not see Kerry as responsible for the Economy. It is the Republican Congress and President Bush who are responsible for the economy in the minds of voters. Second, attacks toward Kerry on his free trade votes, can be turned on Bush. Kerry simply needs to point to having learned from the NAFTA experiment and expound on equity as part of the free trade package he would proffer. Kerry will offer to rescind the tax cuts to the wealthiest as a means of paying for programs that will help working Americans and which will employ more Americans. This will resonate with independents who voted for Bush in 2000 who are dealing with unemployment and job insecurity today. Finally, Bush and the Republican Congress have given Kerry the national debt and deficit to wield as a rapier against Bush and his enslaving of our children to higher taxes and lower quality of living in their future.

Sen. Kerry has already told Pres. Bush regarding national security to "Bring It On". Kerry's message will be "How can a President lead by misleading"? The answer is he can't. Sen. Kerry only need to point to the WMD and the Hussein / Al Queda ties which the Bush Administration lead this country to war with to prove the misleading point. Also, Sen. Kerry will point to peace arising from nations which work together and respect each other. Kerry will ask how there can ever be Peace under Bush with his alienating other nations, snubbing the U.N. and threatening the peace of the World through unilateral preemptory war as a policy.

Sen. Kerry will make George W. Bush, the man, the main issue of the 2004 election. His message will be that we were all understandably mislead and lied to. His message will be that President Bush said one thing, and did the opposite. He promised Peace, and took us into an unnecessary war. He promised a robust economic recovery, we got a slow and jobless recovery. He promised to be a fiscal conservative, but, instead is giving us the largest debts and deficits in history stealing from our future pay checks for years and years to come the taxes needed to pay them down.

President Bush's only defense will be to try to make the election about Kerry, the man. He has the money to drown the public in negative politics about John Kerry. But, as the Democratic primaries showed, negative rhetoric can backfire and drag down the messenger of such negativity. The more Bush gets negative, the more Kerry will hammer the issues. And the result will be an image in the voter's mind of a candidate who cares about the issues and a President acting like a trapped animal. Bush will not lose his Republican core voters, though some ultra-conservatives may not show up, but, all Kerry needs is the swing and independent votes.

This will be another close election, and it will come down to the Electoral College votes reaching that magic number of 270. Bush is loyal, and Cheney, Rove, and Wolfowitz will remain. That means there will be no changing course and the course the Bush administration has chosen is becoming more suspect day by day. Kerry needs to promise a change that will increase American territorial security, decrease debt and deficits, save Soc. Security and Medicare, and create jobs for Americans which help other Americans get back on their feet. This is the steamrolling message Kerry will take to the swing states. Barring extraordinary events on par with 9/11, the Kerry steamroller may wind up at the Whitehouse delivering a new President.

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