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A week in review

Consumer Confidence Drops in February ... Nah, all Americans believe Bush - the economy is in great shape and going to be fantastick by December. Note that is only a couple weeks after the election. Hmmm... why didn't he say it would be fantastick before the election - it only a couple weeks?

Jobs Expected to Continue to Lag Economy ...Only one who didn't seem to know that was Bush before he stuffed his foot in mouth claiming millions of new jobs this year.

Washington's data-mining 'shell game?' ...This is a must read for those who thought the data collecting/mining effort by our government to track us all was a dead issue.

Border agents feel betrayed by Bush guest-worker plan ...Along with a few millon other folks.

Bush Education Secretary calls teachers' organization terrorists ... Ooops! His thinking is out of the bag. Talk about being honest with the public about your biases, Paige takes the cake.

U.S. Shelves Nuke Safety Rules Proposal ... Thank the Great Spirit.

Panel Urges Bush to Finance Climate-Change Research

"A panel concluded today that the president's plan for examining climate change can succeed only if it is shielded from politics and if budgets grow." Guess we can throw that research out the window.

Security Efforts Turning Capital Into Armed Camp And we still think we live in the land of the free? Free to what, respond and focus on our fears regardless the cost?

Bush Defends Decision for War in Iraq Again? Geez, does he really think anyone who didn't believe him before will change their mind now that the proof is in, or isn't in, --ahh, you know what I mean.

Scientists Accuse White House of Distorting Facts

"The group, which included 20 Nobel laureates, said that the White House has deliberately and systematically distorted scientific fact in the service of policy goals. By James Glanz." Oh, please, say it isn't so. I am so disillusioned, I may never vote again.

Republican dirty tricks used doctored photo of Kerry (shades of every election held since).

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