Bush's no brainer choices.

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Bush Launches More Aggressive Campaign With Speech. WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush, battered by his Democratic challengers and slipping in the polls, answered back on Monday, arguing that his opponents are hesitant in combatting terrorism and that their policies will raise taxes. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

Now this is an interesting tactic. Bush argues his opponents might hesitate and contemplate a bit, come up with an exit strategy, and a plan that will minimize losses and get the job done as fast as possible, before embarking on war that will kill our sons and daughters. Hmmm... sounds like we need to give his opponents another look see.

Bush goes on to argue that his opponents and their policies will raise taxes. I guess he means instead of indebting our next generation of children to higher taxes like Bush himself has done. Hmmm... So the choice we have is to vote for Bush and sell out our kids to a lifetime of higher taxes through Bush's spend now, tax later policy, or, vote for the spend now and pay for it now Democrats. Hmm... seems like a no brainer to me.

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