Beauty of being an Independent

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Why would a Texan, such as myself, be sending a campaign contribution to Wisconsin and Arizona Senator's campaigns? As an Independent voter, I am able to choose to support candidates regardless of party based on their record and positions which reflect my values and interests. This year is the first that I am sending campaign money across the political spectrum to the Green Party, Democrat, and Republican Senators. This year I am supporting John McCain (R) and Russ Feingold.(D) I choose these candidates both because they are Senator's of very high integrity, and because together, they gave us the first down-payment on real campaign finance reform in America.

The main additional reason I am supporting John McCain is found in the following transcript of McCain's address to the Senate regarding President Bush's 2005 Budget.

To read the full text go to Sen. McCain's website :

Mr. President, here we go again. Another omnibus appropriations bill - and this one really takes the cake. Obviously the New Year's Eve parties didn't end for Congress on January 1st. We're on a spending bender and this bill proves it.

Americans have heard much about the growing problem of identity theft. Mr. President, what we have before us is perhaps the most costly case of identity theft imaginable. It appears that the big spenders in Washington have all but stolen the credit card numbers of every hard-working taxpayer in America and gone on a limitless spending spree for parochial, pork-barrel projects, leaving the taxpayers to pay and pay. These big spenders view the federal budget as a virtual shopping mall where they can buy their way to re-election.

And the additional reason I am supporting Sen. Feingold is the following text from his website:

1. Russ works hard to bring Wisconsin values to the US Senate: Russ fought for 7 years, along with Senator John McCain (R-AZ), to reform the way campaigns are financed and successfully passed the McCain-Feingold Act, which is the system's most sweeping change in a generation. The Act, which was signed into law in March 2002, bans party soft money (unlimited contributions to national party committees), which had a corrupting influence on government. In addition, Russ led the fight for such successful reforms as a ban on special interest gifts and travel. He does not believe that Congress should be able to receive a backdoor pay raise, and he sends his pay raise and millions of dollars from his federal office back to the US Treasury each year. By attending listening sessions in every Wisconsin county, every year-more than 780 since he took office. Russ has taken the inspiration of local residents back to Washington and has introduced very successful legislation based on their ideas.

2. Russ fights to provide quality and affordable health care for families and businesses, by supporting a "patients' bill of rights" to guarantee patients access to quality health care and protection from unfair insurance claim denials. He has introduced legislation to bring Wisconsin's fair share of federal Medicare dollars back to the state and to help small businesses provide quality health care to their employees, and supports efforts to provide seniors with a prescription drug benefit guaranteed by Medicare.

3. Russ works hard to protect Wisconsin jobs from being lost to unfair foreign competition, by opposing poorly crafted trade agreements such as GATT and NAFTA, by introducing legislation to require the federal government to buy American-made goods, and by working to eliminate tax breaks for US companies that manufacture goods overseas.

4. Russ fights to cut spending and has been honored by the bipartisan Concord Coalition and Taxpayers for Common Sense for his efforts to eliminate the federal deficit while protecting Social Security and Medicare. He has been recognized by the National Taxpayers Union as the ONLY senator to have an agenda that actually cut federal spending.

5. Russ has a deep commitment to improving public education, introducing legislation to reduce class sizes for the early grades, supporting Head Start funding increases to help low-income children get ready to learn in school, and voting to put more teachers in the classroom and improve teacher training.

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