TransAtlantic Cohorts in War must now pay the Piper

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by David R. Remer PoliWatch.Org

In a pair of stories about what Bush and Blair face in the backlash of the Iraqi invasion, trouble looms for them both as they must now answer to their democracies for unprecedented unilateral militance and the looming costs to their peoples for their haste to war and strategic miltary expansion on the globe.

The question is, how independent will the review committees actually be?

An Inquiry That's Awash in Disputes at the Outset. Intelligence officials are hoping that the commission that President Bush plans to appoint to examine intelligence lapses will offer them help, not finger pointing. By Douglas Jehl.

No 10 poised to confirm WMD inquiry. 11.45am: Downing Street is expected to announce an inquiry into the intelligence basis for the war in Iraq.

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