No Stopping Kerry Steamroller

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by David Remer PoliWatch.Org

Kerry won Iowa, and he just won New Hampshire. The Kerry steamroller cannot be stopped now. The U.S. is about to see the most unified effort among disparate groups to unseat a President than has been seen in decades.

Groups having diametrically opposed central issues, now have an overriding superordinate goal to unify them. Send Bush back to Crawford, Texas where his path of destruction of the environment, civil and individual rights, and representation of the common person in the halls of government began. Pro-life liberals and pro-choice liberals will find unity. The Democrats and the Greens will find unity. Hawkish social liberals and dovish fiscal conservatives will find unity. Workers in the south and intellectuals in the north, will find unity.

From this point forward, the rule of the game is to put all other differences aside, and send this administration packing, so that our differences will become important again.


The author of this article (that's me) was right about everything except the timing. As it turned out, all that unification discussed above against Bush did no occur until December of 2006. Now, the end of Jan. of 2007, and the 3/4 of the nation have united to oppose the Bush Administration, targeting his escalation of the war in Iraq, but, America also has grave misgivings for most of the rest of Bush's lack of leadership and competence as well.

He could talk the talk people wanted to hear. But he couldn't walk the walk to meet his promises. None are as disappointed and disheartened as the fiscal and social conservative wings of the Republican Party who blame Bush for having lost the Republicans the elections last November.

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