Republican Justice

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by David R. Remer - PoliWatch.Org

An era began when President Ford pardoned resigned President Nixon, both Republicans. Now Republicans are getting away with manslaughter with little more than a slap on the wrist. Republican resigned Representative, Bill Janklow from South Dakota was sentenced today. He received 100 days (which will be less with good behavior) and fines and court costs.

Janklow, with a long history of criminally speeding recklessly around the state in his car, finally ran a stop sign and killed a motorcycle rider crossing the interesection at exactly the wrong moment. His defense attorneys argued his blood sugar dropped as a result of being diabetic and not eating for 18 hours. So whose fault was it that he had not eaten knowing he was a diabetic? And whose fault is it that he was speeding as was his customary manner of driving? And whose fault is it that an innocent motorist lost their life and was removed from his family? Doesn't matter. He is a Republican, and like Nixon, we know Republican politicians have all people's interests at heart. If a Republican kills 505 Americans in Iraq or one on the highway, it is accidental at worst or justified if the Republican says so.

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