Bush Troubles Begin

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by David R. Remer PoliWatch.Org

There is no land sliding out from under Bush's feet, but the ground beneath him is beginning to quake. A number of stories yesterday reveal cracks in the edifice of Bush's reelection manor. Thumbs down for Martian cities, conservatives threatening consequences in November, N.O.W. and Planned Parenthood mobilizing in response to Pickering's appointment, and Kerry takes Iowa.

ABC reports Republicans split, and general population opposed to expense of Bush's space plan. This does not bode well since it will likely be a key item of tonight's State of the Union address.

The women's vote is about to come into play in a big way as two large organization's representing women's interests are highly motivated to disable Bush's reelection over his circumventing the Senate confirmation process to appoint Pickering to the federal bench. National Organization of Women's (NOW) president Kim Gandy says her organization is outraged. Supporters of Planned Parenthood will be equally outraged and motivated in November by this slight of hand.

Kerry taking the lead in Iowa's caucuses yesterday could dash the Whitehouse's hopes and preparations for facing off with Dean in November. If Kerry can maintain momentum and the lead in the New Hampshire primary, a serious threat to Bush's strategy against "weak on defense" Democrats could be in the offering. With Dean coming in third place in Iowa, there will be some 'back to the drawing board' activity at the Whitehouse. Kerry's war record, heroism in battle, and consistent stance of putting American military lives in harm's way only when absolutely necessary will pose a considerable challenge to Bush's gloat over the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Ralph Hallow of the Washington Times writes: Conservative groups break with Republican leadership. This is the most damning news since it may well translate into conservatives who oppose Bush outdoing Clinton on spending not showing up at the polls in November. According to the article, 6 conservative groups are condemning this Republican Congress and the President for the deficits and growing national debt, especially in regard to the Me3dicare Prescription Drug legislation. Since conservatives are not likely to vote for a Democrat in protest, their only means of protest at the polls is to not show up.

It is still early in the election cycle, but, substantial hurdles are being placed in Bush's path to reelection, some of his own making.

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