No Hard Evidence of Iraq - Al Queda Link

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Secretary of State Collin Powell stated he has not ever seen any proof there was any connection between Al Queda and Saddam Hussein. The NY Times article states:

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell conceded Thursday that despite his assertions to the United Nations last year, he had no "smoking gun" proof of a link between the government of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and terrorists of Al Queda.

"I have not seen smoking-gun, concrete evidence about the connection," Mr. Powell said, in response to a question at a news conference. "But I think the possibility of such connections did exist, and it was prudent to consider them at the time that we did."

Well of course he thinks the "possibility of such connections did exist" because his boss told him they did. A General does not get to be General by questioning or failing to support his chain of command. Not to mention the fact that it is important to throw the conservative base of the Republican Party a bone so they can continue to defend their belief in, and support of, their party's leader. Scientists tell us there is a possibility there was life on Mars at one time. That in no way indicates there WAS life on Mars. It is just as likely, in fact more likely, that there has never been life on Mars. You don't just mix water and minerals and expect chance to produce life. And you don't just cast all bad guys as responsible for a crime committed by one bad guy. Not logically anyway. But it is evident now, that is exactly what the Bush and his Cabinet did.

Whether there was or wasn't a connection is not now the issue. At the time Powell went to the U.N. and asserted there was a connection, he misled the U.N. and a host of members of the U.N. saw through it. They had their own intelligence and logical reasons for being skeptical of such a claim. In the absence of the kind of evidence JFK's Ambassador to the U.N. provided as proof of Russian missiles in Cuba, why should U.N. members have believed an assertion which ran contrary to the secular-religious ideological differences between Hussein and Al Queda? The U.N. members very likely saw through the assertion which was not backed by evidence. On a matter as great as war, if the evidence existed, it would have been presented.

The U.S. sought, and as we now know, needed the backing and participation of the U.N. for the invasion. The cost of such a venture was going to be huge. Given the gravity of the request, it likely made no sense to many U.N. countries that Powell could not back up his assertion with evidence. And one consequence of going to war in Iraq on a hunch or belief without full U.N. participation is a warning from the (IMF), International Monetary Fund, that the U.S. national debt could spell trouble for the world's economies, not just our own. The huge expenses incurred for the ongoing War in Iraq, combined with reducing federal revenues with large tax cuts, has resulted in a near 7 Trillion dollar national debt. Wages are not going up (except for CEO's and politicians) and the economic recovery is still a jobless one recovering only a small portion of the jobs lost since the Recession of 1999-2000 began.

We are in a mess! Powell's admission merely confirms what a great many in the International Community already knew, the U.S. had not made a rational and justified case for going to war with Iraq in stating Hussein had WMD and implying that Iraq was connected to the 9/11 attacks on U.S. soil. U.S. credibility under President Bush has been seriously diminished around the world. And if Bush cries 'Wolf" again at the U.N. you can bet they are going to insist on proof, and proof that the proof has not been manufactured by the Bush administration. This is not good. Nor is the 10 to 12 Trillion Dollar national debt that will occur with another 4 years of G.W. Bush in the Whitehouse. Sorry, make that 12 to 14 Trillion; just heard Bush wants to put non-Republicans on the Moon and eventually Mars.

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