Mind Boggling National Debt

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Here is some mind boggling but PERTINENT political information. Our interest accrued on our national debt for the month of December was over $82 Billion Dollars. Below is an interest chart with historical context.

The national debt as of two days ago (gets higher every day) stands at $7,010,088,657,339.47. That is over 7 Trillion Dollars. Following the interest chart below is another table of our national debt. All figures are courtesy of the U.S. Treasury.

Try taking the following numbers on a calculator and dividing by our population of 290 million, you will be shocked. Then consider what a 10 to 12 Trillion Dollar national debt will do to us. That is what is now projected by the Congressional Budget Office as our debt by 2010 if Bush programs and tax cuts remain intact and the current economic conditions continue. Voting for more of the same just does not appear to be a viable option to this voter.

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