Ashcroft Recuses Himself, Partially.

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by David Remer PoliWatch.Org

Announced today, Attorney General Ashcroft is said to be recusing himself from the investigation of the Whitehouse leak of the identity of a CIA operative who happened to be the wife of a much publicized critic of this Administration. However, on MSNBC, a Dept. Of Justice Spokesman said the Justice Department would still remain involved in the investigation though a special prosecutor is now appointed to pursue the investigation. The article states: "the U.S. attorney in Chicago, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, will take over the investigation and report to Comey, who is Ashcroft's top deputy." Somehow, this does not appear to be a recusal. The DOJ spokesperson on MSNBC indicated the decision was made to promote the appearance of independent invesitgation and prosecution.

Appearances, must maintain those appearances, despite what is going on behind the scenes. On the other hand, once an independent prosecutor has been appointed, to whom should that investigator/prosecutor report to? Certainly not the Republican controlled Congress, or the President. For obvious legal reasons, they should not report to the Judiciary. So, while Ashcroft's decision fails to impress skeptics such as myself that paritality has been removed and the facts will be ascertained and revealed, I am not sure there is anything better that Ashcroft could have done.

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