Nader testing the waters.

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Ralph Nader has thrown his influence behind Dennis Kucinich to date. In a CBS News article it is reported that Nader is testing the campaign contribution waters in consideration of a possible run for the Presidency in 2004. Ralph Nader was seen as a spoiler representing the Green Party in the 2000 elections by Democrats. Others have argued that Ralph Nader merely represented the disenchantment of Democratic voters who may not have voted at all if Nader had not run.

Ralph Nader has been a watchdog on the corruption of government by corporate and special interests for decades. A strong environmental defender, he has developed a loyal following with his political bids for office. The CBS article also states

Nader has sent letters to Republican and Democratic party leaders urging more of a focus on issues such as universal health insurance and corporate fraud. Amato said Nader is still waiting to hear back from party officials.
There is a Nader web site under development now which will debut soon,

Being an independent with a liberal lean with identification with Green Party values, I have been a long time supporter of Ralph Nader. He does have all the charisma of bespectacled sub-atomic particle physicist, but, his anlysis, legal expertise, and values regarding government have always made a great deal of sense to me. As a candidate for President, there is no hope of his winning. But, as a candidate for President, he has, and will elevate voter's awareness of the issues he represents.

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