Schwarzeneggar declared winner.

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by David R. Remer PoliWatch.Org

Arnold Schwarzeneggar has been declared the new Governor of California. Preliminary stats indicate that he garnered a huge protest vote based on everything from legislative actions, national economy effects on California, Davis's performance, "puke politics" aimed at the Los Angeles newspaper and many other factors. Arnold has set his goal on body building and turned that venture into a success. He turned his sights on Hollywood, and he became a success. It is possible that now that he has set his sights on political leadership, he will be a success in that venture as well.

The election of Schwarzeneggar however, makes a statement about American politics, however, which is not very flattering. This election demonstrates that big money wins of political office is no guarantee of good governance, as Davis has demonstrated. This election also demonstrates that political experience and knowledge of the political system is not a necessary qualification for office. Equally important, it demonstrates that a person with fame and money are all the qualifications needed to lead Americans in economic, policy and legislative decisions. Governor elect Swarzeneggar has no political experience, no educational credentials in law, economics, or political science. Thus, fame and money and the media PR that that money can buy is all that is needed to win the confidence of the American people to lead them.

This I find a sad statement on the political future for California and the country as a whole. Nonetheless, there is hope that Schwarzeneggar's past success will bode well for his learning to meet the needs of the California people for executive government and leadership.

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