Bush: No Proof of Saddam Role in 9-11

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[AP Politics]

by David Remer PoliWatch.Org

In this AP story President Bush finally confessed to the American people that there were no ties between the attacks on September 11, 2001 and Saddam Hussein. A week ago, a poll showed that 70 percent of Americans believed there probably was a link between them. This was not stupidity on the part of Americans. It was gullibility. They wanted to believe their President. The President had carefully and meticulously crafted his speeches months before the invasion of Iraq, to leave the impression that there was a link between the terror that hit our nation and Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Years before the invasion, Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz and others had already decided they wanted to invade Iraq and establish a military presence in the Middle East.

However, they knew they could not sell the bankrupting of the taxpayer for such a venture without making a national interest case for going to war in Iraq. 9/11 gave them the opportunity to make that case, though, it was completely false. They deliberately designed their speeches to persuade the American tax payer to cough up the 100's of billions of dollars it was going to take to carry out their plan.

I for one, would now like to see impeachment hearings begin. This constitutes a deliberate, intentional abuse of the office of President by misleading the American people in order to support hidden and secret agendas which had no relation to the case made to the American people. Our children are now going to be saddled with a 10 to 12 trillion dollar debt and the interest that debt incurs for a cause we now know was false. If this is not grounds for impeachment, then democracy and the rule of law are dead in America.

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