Medicare: Bush speaks Left today, will move Right in Dec. of 2004.

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By David Remer Aug. 1,2003 PoliWatch.Org

The President stated on July 30:

Health insurance for elderly and disabled Americans was one of the greatest, most compassionate legislative achievements of the 20th century. It spared millions of seniors from needless worry and hardship. Since 1965, every President and every Congress has had the responsibility to uphold the promise of Medicare, and we will uphold our promise. We will do our duty.

The AARP reported:

Starting in 2006, beneficiaries will have three choices: Stay in the traditional fee-for-service Medicare program with no drug coverage. Or stay in traditional Medicare, and purchase coverage through a private drugs-only plan. Or switch to a private managed care plan under a new program called Medicare Advantage that will offer coordinated health services and drug coverage.

This is mainly a Republican approach. Many Democrats would prefer simply to add drug coverage to the present Medicare program

...But both Kennedy and Baucus warned that the agreement is a "fragile" one that could easily unravel in conference if Republicans push too hard toward privatization.

The real fundamental issue at debate here is socialized programs. Republicans and conservatives adamantly oppose socialized programs for any but corporate industry (they even oppose that philosophically but, dare not bite the hand that feeds them). Democrats and liberals believe that private enterprise alone is insufficient to gurantee a minimum living standard for all Americans. They believe that socialized programs are required to insure those who have the least in America can share in at least some of the minimum standards of middle class life with health care, minimum retirement benefits and publicly supported education.

What is to be taken note of here, is the Republican intent to eventually eliminate Medicare by forcing the elderly into privately insured health care plans. Whether the elderly can afford such insurance premiums is not their concern. Given that this is the Republican position, it makes the President's remarks above a political sham to gain votes in November. Once reelected, he will, in all likelihood, further the Republican agenda to rid our nation of Medicare altogether, along with Social Security, and other publicly funded government programs to assist those unable to assist themselves.

Note the following quote from WatchBlog, a multi party view of 2004 election issues, in which a conservative in the Republican column states:

This is a cultural war. Not between religions or whether or not someone is gay or straight, it is between values of freedom, free markets and the totality of what is wrong with the left wing in America. The fight against socialism and Marxist ideologies creeping into our governmental systems, our institutions of learning and our children's minds is what is at stake.

There is a clear choice to be made in 2004. Buy into the Herbert Hoover days of freedom for the corporate rich, and servitude and dependence for the rest of Americans, or, vote anything but Republican.

P.S. I have great empathy for the millions of Republican voters who may one day wake up to a new America wherein they find themselves no longer needed by the Republican party and living in a country where they are on their own to fend for themselves in a competitive dog eat dog society of their own electing. Compassionate conservatism sounds good to a lot of Americans, but, then they haven't read Orwell's 1984 and don't understand 'newspeak" or 'doublespeak' where words take on only the meaning the government wishes them to take on for the expedience of protecting and enhancing power.

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