Reminds me of 'I AM NOT A CROOK'

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by David Remer - PoliWatch.Org

Tony Blair's speech before Congress yesterday and the President's and Blair's televised speeches, remind me of Richard Nixon who got up behind that mighty podium of office with friends and press about, and declared in no uncertain terms: "I am not a crook" Only yesterday the word was changed from Crook to Liar and and the Big L word was not referred to directly. Their declaration that they had done no wrong, however, rang with the same hollow din of Richard Nixon's declaration and for the same reason. The cat was inevitably going to get out of the bag, and damage control was mandated by the circumstance.

Die hards who will believe 'the sky is falling' if the President says so, will assert that the two heads of state provided each other a bold and eloquent defense of their actions. However, they will overlook Blair's concession that WMD may not be found because they didn't exist, and haven't existed since the days of Hans Blix and his U.N. inspectors. What was all that intelligence about movement of convoys in Iraq while the inspectors were searching for WMD? It was Saddam Hussein getting rid of it all in order to protect his regime.

Bush's assertion that Hussein had WMD and was attempting to develop nuclear weapons was part true and part false. Hussein had WMD which we gave to him during the Iran-Iraq war. True enough. But that intelligence was ancient history. Certainly this intelligence did not constitute an imminent threat against the U.S. or Iraqi neighbors. As for the nuclear development it is obviously a patent flat out lie. Look, would Bush be taking all this heat as he approaches the election season if he had the ability to prove the claim? If he has the proof, or even credible evidence, all he needs to do to completely vindicate his decision to invade is to provide that evidence in a closed hearing to the Senate foreign affairs and intelligence committee. Those Senator's have top security clearances and would be more than willing to stand behind the President if the evidence were credible.

No, President Bush, you and your British partner are not crooks. But, you are both certainly liars and guilty of gross mismanagement of public funds, violating a number of international treaties regarding unwarranted preemptive military strikes, and gross abuse of the power of your offices. You both used national security as cloak to hide what you believed at the time would be politically astute for your own careers. No leader fails to win reelection after winning a just war. Problem is you both ignored the "just" part of the war. You will pay for these deeds, and NO!, history will not vindicate you, unless by that you mean, that in a couple of generations, folks will have forgotten all about this dismal and peace threatening venture for political capital.

Do I have proof for my assertions about Saddam's, Blairs and Bush's actions in the above paragraphs? No. But, then, Bush and Blair would not require me to have such proof, would they? See the dilemma?

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