The President's Albatross

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by David Remer --PoliWatch.Org--

For Democrats and third parties alike, there is good news for 2004. The one person who may be able to unseat President Bush has been found. His name is John Ashcroft. President Bush, who has rid himself of many cabinet members who have disagreed with him, is unwilling to admit error and is therefore, obligated to stand behind his loyal John Ashcroft.

Military tribunals are about to take place with American civilian defense attorneys reluctant, or refusing, to take part due to rules which ignore constitutional protections. This backdrop N.Y. Times story is grossly unflattering for the Administration. For John Ashcroft, who has refused to let the Bill of Rights stand in his way, it provides the kind of headlines that could shift voter support from President Bush in 2004.

The one topic that is proving sure to raise cheers and applause at Democratic rallies is that of removing John Ashcroft from the role of Attorney General of the United States. A N.Y. Times article states:

Some Republicans expressed concern about potential damage the often unvarnished Mr. Ashcroft might cause this president. "None of those Democrats can beat George Bush, but John Ashcroft can," said one Republican strategist.

But a senior political adviser to Mr. Bush argued that no matter how unpopular Mr. Ashcroft might be, he would not hurt the president. And this adviser suggested that there were no plans, at least now, to try to keep Mr. Ashcroft out of public view as the election approaches.

This is great news for Democrats and third party candidates. It provides an albatross to hang around the President's neck over the next 16 months of campaigning. John Ashcroft is a hot topic that the media will run with since it will not have the unpatriotic kickback that attacks upon the President may generate.

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