Want Campaign Finance Reform?

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by David Remer --PoliWatch.Org--

On the issue of Campaign Finance Reform, (by this I mean the virtual elimination of special interest group financial backing of parties or candidates) there are three 3rd party organizations supporting such reform. They are The Green Party, American Reform Party, and The Natural Law Party. This information was obtained through a review of all current parties which had a platform drafted in the 2000 elections. For review of party platforms (year 2000) and party philosophy see PoliWatch.Org web site with links to same.

The Democratic and Republican parties are rife with special interest financial backing and constitute a huge amount of media coverage regarding the directions of these two parties influenced by the money that backs them. The Libertarian Party seeks an end to federally sponsored poltiical parties all together. The Constitution Party makes no mention of the subject.

Therefore, if you are truly interested in campaign finance reform and view special interest donations as a source for so much lack of interest in D.C. for the common public good, you should look into The Green Party, American Reform Party and The Natural Law party as potential representatives of your point of view.

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