Bush's Justice May Not Sell in 2004

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by David Remer July 6, 2003 PoliWatch.Org

You are visiting India. Suddenly, you are arrested by Pakistani agents. You are permitted consultation with an attorney in Inida, charged with channeling funds to the al-Qaeda, then whisked off to Pakistan. There you are held for a long period of time with no consultation with your attorney or family or anyone from the outside. Then, you are interrogated and beaten. Finally you are told you will be tried by a military tribunal.

You are informed that Pakistani Head of Military, Dlefsmur, will appoint you defense counsel and that your attorney may be replaced at anytime without reason by Dlefsmur. You are also informed that your conversations with your attorney will be monitored. Finally, you are told that the judge also may be replaced at any time without reason by Dlefsmur. After being informed of this, you are offered a deal. You may face death by execution if found guilty or you may plead guilty and receive a 20 year sentence. What would you do?

Dlefsmur is Rumsfeld, spelled backwards. The detainees are two British citizens held by American authorities in Guantanamo Bay instead of Pakistan. This type of justice was implemented by the President of the United States by executive order. The rest of the above scenario is reported in a chilling tale of Inquisition type misjustice provided by Martin Bright, Kamal Ahmed, and Peter Beaumont in a story released in The Observer. From the article:

Stephen Jakobi of Fair Trials Abroad, which is leading the campaign for the two men, said: 'Our concern is that there will be no meaningful way of testing the evidence against these people. The US Defence Department has set itself up as prosecution, judge and defence counsel and has created the rules of trial. This is patently a kangaroo court.

According to US legal and constitutional experts, the Final Rule, the regulations that will govern the military commissions, has rendered a fair trial almost impossible.

The British are filing a protest with the Whitehouse and requesting these detainees be remanded back to Britain to stand trial under civil laws in British courts which will assure some measure of justice for the charges levied. This story breaking in British news combined with the slew of stories about Prime Minister Tony Blair's 'dressing up' the intelligence in order to gain public support for the invasion of Iraq, is putting a considerable strain on the English people's respect for their own Prime Minister and the American President, George Bush. The suspicion is growing by all accounts of the news stories coming out of Britain, that Tony Blair and George Bush conspired to deceive their public in order to justify invasion of Iraq.

It does not help the Prime Minister's or the President's case that trials will be conducted with the threat of death hanging over the accused if those accused do not confess their crimes and vindicate the Prime Minister and the President. These Medieval Inquisition type courts may gain spotlight as the Prime Minister seeks to restore divisions in his party and the U.S. President seeks reelection in November of 2004, only 16 months away. As these stories circulate throughout the world, the credibility of President Bush's message about taking freedom, justice and the rule of law to the oppressed people's of foreign nations may be seriously challenged.

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