Judge Voids Cleanup Plan for Wastes at Bomb Plants

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Washington, July 3, The Energy Department's plan for cutting billions of dollars and several years off the bomb-waste cleanup at three government nuclear reservations is illegal, a federal judge has ruled, because it would leave some of the wastes in shallow burial despite Congress's prescription that they can be safely disposed of only in a deep "geologic" repository.

David Remer of PoliWatch.Org comments:

Now we see how this administration intends to make up for its and Congress' wild spending spree. This story reflects the true nature of this adminstration's position on the environment. It will even attempt to violate the laws of the people, passed by the people's Congress to rid itself of the inconvenience of toxic wastes. Had their plan gone ahead, it would have been only a matter of a few years for the radioactive materials to have begun showing up in animals and humans. Just enough time for this administration to have maximized its term limit.

Joe Davis, a spokesman for the Energy Department, said, "If this decision stands, it could lead to a tremendous burden on the taxpayers with respect to cost of cleanup, and jeopardize our ability to clean up our sites sooner."

Now this is rich! They were going to poison Americans quietly and do so in the name of protecting Americans from additional taxes. Seems like someone ought to have thought of that before granting huge tax breaks to the wealthiest of Americans who can most afford to pay them. And where are their priorities?

Keep tax cuts and kill and disease Americans for untold generations? Perhaps it was just a matter of taking care of the tax cuts now, and let some other administration eight or twelve years down the road deal with the deaths and disease and cleanup costs, then. Where is the compassion in that? I don't even see 'conservative' in this kind of thinking. It will cost far more to clean it up later than it will to clean it up now. This is selling out the American public for political expedience. This is intolerable!

Mr. Wald also states in the article:

There are 117 underground tanks at Hanford, storing about 53 million gallons of wastes that come from the production of nuclear bombs, but some of the liquids have already leaked into the soil and joined underground water that flows toward the Columbia River.

In order to clean it up, it is estimated another site in addition to the Yucca Mountain site will need to be built to accomodate all the bomb making wastes and the energy producing wastes. The article states this will cost a large number of billions of dollars. So, why again, did the administration give the wealthiest billions of dollars in tax cuts?

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