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U.S. Offers Iraqis $25 Million for Finding Saddam Hussein [New York Times: International News]

David Remer of PoliWatch.Org Comments:

He started out saying we would get Osama bin Laden. Oh, well. Then he said he would get Saddam Hussein. Oh, well. Then he said, be patient, it is only a matter of time. Oh, well. Having failed all that, he is at least willing to implicitly admit that he failed and move on to Plan B. Offer a bounty.

Straight out of the 'Old West' when there was too much territory and not enough sheriffs. This Bounty at least has a chance of succeeding. Can't wait to hear President Bush say, "See, I told you I would get him". No, the tax payers footing the bill for $25 million dollars got him. You failed, Mr. Bush, in every way, save to indebt my daughter's future with huge tax increases to pay back the Bush credit spending binge. The American people have little to show for all this credit spending, a mediocre Rx drug plan, failing schools and teacher salaries, horrendous budget deficits and national debt, and absolutely no more security against terrorism today than we had the day before Sept. 11.

President Bush, the cowboy, has picked up the tax payers budget six shooter and is twirling it around, pretending to be John Wayne. Watch out! You could shoot yourself in the foot, you greenhorn.

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