Sabotage may produce America's next Viet Nam

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Next challenge in Iraq: Sabotage. The country's electrical infrastructure and oil pipelines are being targeted. [Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories]

by David Remer, July 3, 2003 -- PoliWatch.Org

In the Viet Nam War, it was a hidden and mobile guerilla army that defeated the U.S. In Iraq, it may be a hidden and mobile group of saboteurs that sends the U.S. packing. The enemy in Iraq, will be coming from Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and other Arabl countries for the foreseeable future, in the form of saboteurs. It won't take an army of them, just a couple hundred. They need not engage American forces to battle them. They only need to prevent stability from taking hold in the country during the American sponsored and shaped new government.

Though President Bush says, "Bring them on" in response to attacks on U.S. military personnel in Iraq, it may be the last thing the President actually wants to see happen. It may be that President Bush foresees enemies of the American invasion grouping for an all out WW II type military assault on American forces. If so, America needs a new president, in a hurry! It is obvious such a tactic would not work. However, should the enemies of the American invasion decentralize their forces into groups of just a few or couple, and target Iraqi infrastructure, it will be extremely difficult for American forces to stop them.

If the new government cannot stop the attacks on the infrastructure, and the weekly count of American dead and wounded shows no sign of abating over the foreseeable future, the cost of maintaining a U.S. military presence in Iraq may become too high for the American public to accept. Such a strategy worked in Viet Nam to defeat the mightiest nation in the world. It is no wonder, that President Bush is now asking other nations of the world for their military presence in Iraq. It is no wonder that now President Bush is seeking that which he felt unnecessary in the beginning, a united nations coalition force, which could maintain a presence for years without incurring shame or accusations of defeat in the event stability in Iraq proves to be unattainable for years.

It is also no surprise that other nations such as Germany and Russia do not want to get involved. Also, no surprise that of all the nations who are willing to participate in Iraq, their exposure will be minimal; such countries sending only small complements of personnel to the region to minimize their losses. It will come as no surprise to this writer, if Iraq conjures up American memories of Viet Nam in the months and years ahead.

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