One Party Gov't Coming To a Voting Booth Near You!

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Governor Rick Perry is expected to expand the Legislature's special session today to include a government reorganization bill that could significantly increase his power over state agencies. [Chron]

David Remer of PoliWatch.Org Editorial:

This is what can happen when one party gains control of the executive and congressional branches of government. They meet in a special session and expand their power to insure that government remains a one party government in perpetuity, through redistricting and expansion of the powers of the executive. This is exactly what is happening in Texas and in the federal government.

Unless the public at large is significantly repulsed by such moves, this will become a one party nation with a very large number of one party states. Since, no party represents more than about 25% of the eligible voters, that means the death of democracy in America and a large number of states. It also means the death of choice at the voting booth; you will have two choices, vote for the dominant party and all other discounted votes.

Americans, TAKE NOTICE ! You are about to receive the kind of government your voter apathy so richly deserves!

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