Bush vows $300 Million for Africa

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Bush Announces $100m to Fight Terror

June 28, 2003
Posted to the web June 30, 2003

John Kakande, Kampala

JUST days before his long-anticipated trip to sub-Saharan Africa, President George W. Bush has announced a $100m (about sh2b) aid package for Uganda and the three eastern Africa countries to fight terrorism. ...

Bush said his administration was committing $200 million over five years to train more than 420,000 teachers in Africa. He said it would also provide scholarships for 250,000 African girls, and in partnership with Historically Black Colleges to provide 4 million textbooks.

David Remer of PoliWatch.Org comments:

More than 6.5 Trillion dollar US debt and growing, another 1/3 billion now going to Africa, and this man can't find another few million for American kids in schools? Bush's paranoia over terrorism is going to hit us so hard in the wallet around the 2008 to 2012 period, just when he figures the public will have elected a Democrat after finding out about the skyrocketing interest rates and taxes, he created. Clever man, this one! Sorry, that kind of compliment should be reserved for Karl Rove, we all know puppets don't think for themselves, right?

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