Why Bush needs Peace Accord NOW!

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David Remer, June 28, 2003 -- PoliWatch.Org

The Israeli government, specifically, Ariel Sharon, is very likely to resist President Bush's attempts to get veto over Sharon's need for 'abort buttons' to the 'Road Map for Peace'. Sharon must not lose the support of his hardliner's in Israel who do not want full concession of all settlements near the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip. Therefore, Sharon is going to make demands that Abbas will not be able to meet.This will allow Sharon to appear to be following the Road Map with a safety net for withdrawing from negotiations when the Palestinian leadership is inable to comply with Sharon's requirements.

President Bush has an election coming up in just 17 months and the campaigning will begin in earnest in just 6 months. That is how long President Bush has to establish a peace accord in the Middle East. In January of 2004, President Bush cannot afford to offend or alienate the Jewish vote in America. And if Sharon is able to place stealthy road bumps in the negotiating process to slow the process down until January, Sharon will be able to appear to both have worked for peace and to have taken a hard line when Abbas is unable to meet the January deadline for compliance when President Bush will have to abandon his Road Map efforts to pursue reelection and Jewish support.

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