Caution on Headline stating 'Bush said God told him to invade Iraq and Get Saddam'

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There is a story circulating that Bush is quoted as saying God told him to invade Iraq [link]. Caution is required. I searched the sources indicated by this story and found nothing to support such a statement by Haaretz, an Israeli news source, on their site.

I conducted this search because I was skeptical about the story's indication that Bush's quote was found in notes from Palestinian Leader Abbas and obtained by Haaretz. I find it difficult to believe that President Bush's keepers would ever permit him to make such a disastrous statement to a foreign leader giving that foreign leader the political power to release such a quote.

I am no defender of Bush's reelection, but, I abhor undocumented, opinionated, and biased stories "of fact" which have no verifiable base.

David Remer June 28, 2003, PoliWatch.Org

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