Mandela offers a measure by which persons talking of Peace may be judged

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Mandela Criticizes Bush Over Iraq War

[AP World News]

D. Remer of PoliWatch.Org comments:

There are true men of peace in the world, then there are those who mouth the words for political gain while making war with their power. Along with Mahatma Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, and French President Chirac, all committed deeply to the cause of peace and avoidance of the horrors of war; add the name of Nelson Mandela. This week he is quoted in the Title article hyperlinked above as saying:

"For anybody, especially the leader of a super state, to act outside the United Nations (news - web sites) is something that must be condemned by everybody..."

Nelson Mandela believes in the original intent and purpose of the U.N. and has suffered much in the cause for equality and freedom for all persons in his own country. In total contrast to Mandela, stands the United States President George W. Bush. The use of the word peace by these two men is as highly contrasted as their skin color. George Bush, leading up to the invasion of Iraq and since, has made numerous speeches touting Peace as the goal and objective of his administration in foreign affairs. Yet, his decisions and actions reflect the hawkish nature of his key advisors including V.P. Cheney, who advocate the exercise of U.S. might to force any nation that has the potential to disrupt or interfere with America's intent to spread its version of economic, political, and cultural values throughout the world.

It is a shame that the words of President Bush carry such bandwidth throughout the world while those of Mandela will be quoted for a day or two and fade. Mandela became president of the very country and people who jailed him for years for exercising his human right to freedom of speech and his call for an end to Apartheid. Yet, this man of peace, after ascending to office, made not a single move or uttered a single word of vengeance, retaliation, or retribution for his suffering.

It seems clear to me that the words of Mandela should ring louder and longer in the press than those of poltical double speak opportunists. But, this is not an ideal world. We can however, be thankful that there are persons in the world such as Mandela who maintain idealistic standards by which the rest of us can measure the true value of daily events and actions.

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