Hope for Democrats in this Story.

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Poll gives Tories lead over Labour. Politics: Conservatives two points ahead after government hit by reshuffle controversy and 'dodgy dossier'.

[Guardian Unlimited]

David Remer of PoliWatch.Org comments:

First a quote from the article at the top:

Alastair Campbell, the prime minister's communications chief, believes that the claims undermine trust in Mr Blair, which explains the fall in support for his leader.

Oliver Letwin, the shadow home secretary, said the Tories had turned a corner. Mr Letwin, who recently joked that the Tories stood no chance of winning the next election, told a Westminster lunch: "The Tories have turned a corner... I never thought that in my lifetime as a politician I would see the Conservatives in power, but I do now believe there is a possibility."

Now, substitute, Alastair Campbell with Ari Fleischer, Oliver Letwin with Tom Daschle, and the Tories with Democrats. Then add the following line from the article:

As Downing Street struggles to fight off allegations that it misled the country over Iraq's banned weapons...

Substitue Downing Street with Whitehouse, and you get the picture. Bush's polls are slipping too. And there is plenty of time yet for the American people to become aware of the great Bush hoodwink which cost over 170 American lives and untold American injuries, and umpteen tax dollars for a personal vendetta or vision of power in the world.

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