Applause for Administration, Really.

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News Analysis: Bush Team: A Sense of Harmony Felt Within Diplomatic Circles

[New York Times: International News]

David Remer of PoliWatch.Org comments:

Finally, something I can applaud the Bush Administration for. (Please note: I did not say President Bush). This excellent article lays out in clean detail the two pronged strong arm approach that Condoleeza Rice and Collin Powell are taking to bring peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this circumstance, I believe the administration may have hit upon a strategy that has the potential of living up to a satisfactory end.

This article is a must read... even for Democrats. The Bush administration, thanks to the leadership of the State Department, Collin Powell, Secretary of State Rice and Elliot Abrams of the National Security Council, may bring about what no president has been able to for over 20 years, a peace accord between Israel and a new Palestinian nation.

I have the feeling that our President, in a rare moment of wisdom, realized the middle east issue was way over his head, and told his department leaders to work together and get the job done. Having been given the rope to hang themselves with, they chose to succeed instead. If peace is brokered, one must admit that nothing succeeds like success, and the administration will finally have entered an endeavor with a successful outcome and with appropriate means applied toward the end.

With hope, the president will not decide at the last minute to put his two cents in and muck it all up. If he leaves the ball in Rice's, Powell's and Abrams' court, he might just have something legitimate to take to the polls in 2004. Question is, can his ego stand back and let success happen?

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