RAND study released Wednesday shows that nearly half of all Americans don't receive the care they should.

[Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories]

The following comments on this article by D. Remer of PoliWatch.Org:

The article states that less than 50% of diabetics, heart attack victims and pneumonia patients receive the appropriate care for the their condidtion according to professionals in the field. Research cited in the article also states that between 48,000 and 98,000 patients die each year in hospitals as a result of medical errors.

I do believe this is the capitalist free market health care system that sets the US apart from most other western nations. It would appear that it's self-interest profit goals are not the only fact that sets our system apart from others. We pay the highest dollar for medical care and get perhaps the worst treatment overall. That at least seems to be the implied conclusion after reading the Rand's research paper on the US Health System.

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