Bush Poll Numbers Slipping

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Public Opinion Watch: June 16 to 22

The Century Foundation Senior Fellow, Ruy Teixeira is co-author of The Emerging Democratic Majority.

Editor's Note: The following is excerpted from an excellent article at TomPaine.Com.

Perhaps this unwelcome publicity is one reason why Bush's glossy approval ratings on foreign policy issues are starting to fall. According to the latest Gallup poll, his approval rating is down 7 points on the Middle East situation, down 10 points on foreign affairs, and down 13 points on the situation with Iraq.

As for further signs of deterioration of the administration's position, a Fox News poll finds an 11 point decline in those who believe going to war with Iraq has been worth it. And the same poll finds that the public is split between those who believe either that Bush, or the intelligence agencies, or both, exaggerated the dangers of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, and those who believe there were no such exaggerations.

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