WMD found on paper?

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U.S. Seeks WMD Data in Seized Iraq Papers

[AP World News]

David Remer of PoliWatch.Org comments:

While the article does not state any "smoking guns" were found in the paperwork, it does state that the papers will be turned over to top US intelligence officials for a search of evidence of WMD and other information. Hmmm! Finding (or creating) the smoking gun on paper should be a lot easier than it has been to turn up hard evidence of WMD on the gound. I wonder if the public will ever be able to do an independent examination of the found paperwork, or, will it all be classified TOP SECRET and hidden from view while the Administration generates headlines about how the paperwork proves there were WMD which were destroyed on the eve of war, or, some such storyline. This is news item worth tracking.

David Remer June 21, 2003 PoliWatch.Org

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