Congress Playing the Shell Game

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The 62-to-28 vote today marked the second time in less than a year the Senate voted to permit pharmacists to buy prescription drugs in Canada, and resell them in the U.S. By Robert Pear and Robin Toner. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

by David Remer - PoliWatch.Org

Let me get this straight. The House votes to foot 400 quintel-quadrillion of our tax dollars to a Rx drug aid package for senior citizens without any attempt to control the cost of prescriptions, but, the Senate votes to allow Pharmacists to buy discounted exported (from the US) Canadian drugs to resell back to Americans at a discount? Do I have this shell game straight, did I find the Pea? The tax payers are footing a 400 quintel-quadrillion subsidy to American Pharmaceutical Companies? Yep, I found the Pea. One heck of a pill to swallow.

We have got to get The Republicans out of majority control. When we had a divided congress, we Americans were a lot safer and so were our pocketbooks.

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