Great Britain May Bring US President Down

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David Remer, June 17, 2003 --

Stories out of the British news media today (see stories below) indicate damning testimony about Prime Minister Tony Blair's role in Iraq invasion is coming out. While Republicans in the US House of Representatives are unwilling to pursue an investigation of whether or not the Administration lied to the American people and Congress about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Queda. However, if damning evidence builds to prove the case in Great Britain that Tony Blair lied about these same facts to the Brits, the same body of evidence will probably become the basis for investigation of President Bush and his justification for invasion.

The reason for this is straight forward. Tony Blair and George Bush presented themselves on the world stage as operating off the same play book. They shared informational resources and conducted strategy sessions together. While it is not clear whether Blair and Bush exchanged intelligence reports, it appeared they shared the same information from those reports in justifying to their respective governments and citizenry the direct and imminent threat posed by Iraq. Therefore, if Tony Blair is brought down for lying to Great Britain, it will surely bring pressure to bear on Congress to conduct its own investigation of the Bush administration's rationale for war.

In the US, if it is established that the administration misrepresented the threat of Iraq in order to use the tax and military resources of the US for other purposes, this will likely result in being defined as a abuse of office and possible impeachment hearings for high crimes and misdemeanors, the same charges that brought about President Nixon's resignation for abuse of office and government resources. The big question however, is whether a dominant Republican presence in the Congress would be willing to pursue such investigation or impeachment hearings against a president of their same party. Democrats have already begun calling for the investigation, but, they do not hold sufficient votes to bring such investigation about. Should Tony Blair be branded a liar over the threat of Iraq, it will be the American media which may make the difference as to whether or not investigation of the administration takes place in public hearings. Without public outcry for investigation, it is unlikely the majority party would hold such public hearings, which would likely have negative consequences for the 2004 election cycle.

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