Government: Take Out The Trash or Live With the Stink.

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Wake up America! Smell the taxes, smell the debt, smell the deficits, smell the 28% credit card interest rates, smell the smog, smell the unemployment, smell the erosion of pension benefits, medical benefits and social security, smell minority rule of 25% of American voters determining the laws the other 75% of Americans have to live under, smell the deterioration of State budgets, smell the deterioration of our roads and bridges, smell the erosion of public education, smell the loss of jobs to China, Mexico, Korea, Japan and now the EU.

Smell the corporate rip off of investors and employees, smell the politcal pay back for support from tax payer coffers, smell the corruption of government contract awards without public review or competitive bidding to American companies who moved offshore to avoid paying the very taxes they contract for, smell the unelected Federal Communications Commission giving free rein to news and programming monopolies, smell the oil in national refuges, smell the heavy metals of strip mining, smell untold billions of tax dollars going to military projects and black ops the public is not entitled to know is being spent, smell the disrespect of American policy outside our borders, smell the death and loss of limb of American soldiers in war as yet without apparent legitimate reason, smell the rising unemployment rate, smell the growing bankruptcy rate, smell the broken legal system which is releasing innocent victims from prison every week in America.

I wrote a stinking letter to my senator and congressman, and now I am going to work in my garden with red buds, and humminbird vines and loriander to try to freshen my nose up a bit.

I'm back. I love the Constitution of The United States with its Bill of Rights and all that it stands for. I am not one to say that America stinks. But, the political system that seems inept, corrupt and otherwise unwilling to effectively deal with these public issues, these American issues, does stink to high heaven. If you don't think our government officials stink, either ignore this or see a doctor about a nose job. If you do find yourself gasping for fresh air, write your representatives, it only takes 15 or 20 minutes. Go vote; that only takes an hour or so every two years. This is not too much to ask of Americans to try to clean up the smell around here, is it? It is a democracy. Ultimately, the smell is of our own making.

David Remer, June 16, 2003 --

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