High Crimes and Misdemeanor impeachment hearings for President Bush?

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by David Remer, June 12, 2003

We may be headed down a road with the absence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq that could render indictment against President Bush for high crimes and misdemeanor. The pressure is on President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair to produce the evidence of WMD in order to justify their preemptive strike policy to the people for putting their armed forces in harm's way.

President Bush appealed to the congress for the authority to invade Iraq based on terrorist links to Iraq and Iraq's WMD which posed an immediate threat to the US and its' allies. To date, there is no evidence of terrorist links to Saddam Hussein, in fact, quite the opposite is the case. And of course, there has been no discovery of weapons of mass destruction. There are circulating stories that some CIA analyst reports of no WMD were either ignored or deleted from reports given to the administration. If the administration either ignored such intelligence and told the American people the opposite of what was in those reports or, the administration deleted or ordered deleted the lack of WMD information, the action may be deemed as indictable as a high crime or misdemeanor and become an impeachable offense.

Carl Messineo and Mara Verheyden-Hilliard of the Partnership for Civil Justice Legal Defense and Education Fund state: "Under international law and centuries of common legal usage, a preemptive war may be justified as an act of self defense only where there exists a genuine and imminent threat of physical attack."

The absence of WMD and the absence of an Al-Queda link to Saddam Hussein, would mean Bush preemptively attacked another sovereign nation in the absence of a direct and imminent threat from that nation. Already there have been calls from Democrats for an investigation of what President Bush knew and when did he know it. However, the Republicans in the house have dismissed such an investigation as unwarranted.

Meetings have already been conducted in Washington, called by Rep. John Conyers, for the drafting of articles of impeachment. Cart before the horse in my opinion, but, it demonstrates the serious nature of this inquiry. Congressional inquiry will not be possible unless the media does its job of reporting the deficiencies in the premises for the US attack on Iraq. And even then, the people would have to contact their representatives in droves to push such an inquiry into being.

If the American people are content with flagrant violations of international law by their president, it is likely two things will happen. One, the world will no longer view the US as a benefactor toward world peace. And two, a large red circle will be planted on the rear end of Uncle Sam for all the tens of thousands of terrorist recruits who will believe they are saving the world from an oppressive military might determined to use its might to shape the world according to its own design.

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